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United States Carbon: Brand Identity & Communications

Conscious companies learn how to tap into the power of positive human emotion in their culture, brand and category … in the process providing the kind of leadership and example that makes the world a better place.  Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Business Practice reporting are now performed by 75% of the Fortune 500.  9 out of 10 CEO’s in large corporations now know that “Sustainability Matters“.  Large companies understand that key stakeholders are evaluating the company’s citizenship profile.  Good corporate citizenship engenders brand affinity & loyalty while unconscious business behavior is more readily uncovered and punished as web communications have made all businesses more transparent.

An Empathic Understanding of Consumers & Employees

Conscious companies are aware that there are many potential levels to human relationship building.  They are aware that “regard” for people and the planet is a form of hidden energy.  They understand that human beings are emotional beings that respond to demonstrations of passion, heart, integrity and of values and virtues that speak to human potential and making the world a better a spectrum place.

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