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United States Carbon Services And The Conscious Company

United States Carbon runs a unique energy and waste reduction program that also creates a significant balance sheet asset over time. Our services provide …

  • A Business Sustainability Plan that addresses key energy issues and suggests self-funding improvements across the entire business.
  • A Conscious Company road map that guides a client through a step-by-step process in order to bring about successful outcomes in the areas of people, planet & profits.
  • Our energy savings and asset accumulation roadmap will enable your organization to achieve a 10% – 50% decrease in energy costs year after year and a triple digit ROI over the life of the project.
  • Our programs will allow for you to discover and amplify your brands Corporate Social Responsibility profile resulting in greater affinity with eco-conscious consumers.
  • Our unique diagnostic framework provides your organization with the tools to evaluate how your energy resources can be used most effectively to achieve the greatest financial and environmental improvement results.  It is possible to streamline your business costs and help the biosphere both at the same time.  Let us show you how.
What is a Conscious Corporation?

Conscious Corporations are those seeking awareness of the effects of their actions and implementing practices that benefit people, the planet & profit.  The conscious business movement, which emerged from the theory of corporate social responsibility, pushes for economic values where values represent social, environmental & economic concerns on global and local scales.

The Conscious Corporation – Business Principles:
Doing no harm

It is generally agreed upon that the product or service of a conscious corporation should not be intrinsically harmful to humans or the environment. However, it is possible for such a business to be taking part in the conscious business movement if it is taking conscious steps to be more aware of its social and environmental affects, and to adopt more beneficial social or environmental practices.

To learn more about United States Carbon and our energy reduction technology please contact us at (855) 393-7555 or visit our website: www.unitedstatescarbon.com